Remote Medical
Billing Service

Helping the medical industry with their billing needs - without having to hire someone else to do it

Our Services

We Serve General Practitioners,Ophthalmologist and Physical Therapist

General Practitioner

Doctors and General Practitioners can save time, energy and money by outsourcing the task to a remote billing specialist.


Ophthalmologist can focus on serving their customers by outsourcing the task to a remote billing specialist.

Physical Therapist

Physical Therapist can free themselves of the needless paperwork by outsourcing the task to a remote billing specialist.

Our Remote Work Process
Step 1

We Prepare and submit claims electronically and work on your paper claims

Step 2

We then follow up and correct denial claims

Step 3

We post payments and send monthly statements

Step 4

We answer billing questions on your behalf

Step 5

We work on outstanding claims

Step 6

We work side by side with you and your staff remotely

Hi May, I didn't forget about the review! Here it is! We hired May when we were a small primary care startup, and now after three years an established busy clinic. May has been submitting our electronic and paper claims and appeals and also posting all our electronic remittances and paper remittances for several years now, and continues to do so efficiently and effectively. She learned our EMR and practice management systems quickly and is always responsive to corrections and emails. May is skilled, professional, efficient, responsive, and highly recommended to anyone needing claims service with local Hawaii insurance knowledge.
Jason Nichols

Tired of having to do the billing services yourself?

Talk to us in person! We can work with you and your team remotely. Set up and appointment and see how we can help you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with excellent support and to make your everyday task as easy as possible. That way you can concentrate on taking care of your patients, while helping you achieve continuous income and growth and expand your business.
We monitor for every claims until they are fully paid by the insurance companies.Taking insurance claim nightmares and patient billing headaches out your office, leaving you and your staff free to do what you do best, practice medicine.

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